World Day of the Sick in Katowice

World Day of the Sick in Katowice

On 13 February 2021 under the patronage of His Excellency Ambassador of the Order of Malta in Poland Niels Lorijn and Metropolitan Archbishop of Katowice Wiktor Skworc as part of the World Day of the Sick, the Order of Malta Poland together with “Zupa w Kato” organized help for 100 homeless people.

During the wave of frost a warm meal and consultations with doctors, nurses and paramedics of the “Maltese Aid – Maltese Medical Corps Poland” were organized. Each of the homeless people received a medical package necessary to survive in such a difficult time COVID19.
Today’s action is the next stage of constant help for the homeless in the Silesian agglomeration by the High Castle Club – “Soup in Kato”, Missionaries of Charity of Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the Order of Malta.

The action was held thanks to the support of “The Order of Malta – The Global Fund For Forgotten People” and the City Hall of Katowice.